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  • Eduardo Mariscotti, Headhunter, International recruiter, US Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, at Cameron Smith and Associates, USA: "Ignacio is a thoughtful  professional  with  remarkable  networking and communication skills. He has an exceptional ability to fix problems. His hard work, decision-making, and analytical  reasoning  are  well  demonstrated  in the organizations  he  had  the responsibility to lead.   Ignacio’s creativity is shown in his art, in his academic presentations, and in the quality of his business articles he frequently publishes on LinkedIn. Alperin is fully bilingual and has extensive international business experience in diverse environments giving him adaptability and a global perspective.                                  Ignacio is a person of outstanding values and integrity and he built a reputation of a well-respected global professional in the business and the academic world. I give him my highest recommendation. This bright man is a best-in-class leader and he should be a great addition for any organization that needs the talent to get things done."


  • Rodrigo Aybar, Secretary of Environment and Public Services, Municipality of Tres de Febrero, Former Executive Director of the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development, Province of Buenos Aires: "Ignacio is a great professional, attentive to every detail that adds value and willing to give his best. I can attest to his abilities since for almost a year he collaborated with leadership, management and team management training in the public body that I was lucky enough to lead. I recommend him to any organization that wants to benefit from the experience of having his extensive knowledge of management."


  • Juan Curutchet, Former President of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires: "Ignacio was the main force in the revamping of the Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (The Association of the Bar of the City of Buenos Aires). He was an enthusiastic, hardworking leader at a young age. Ignacio is the kind of professional an organization needs to drive forward."



  • Carlos Cornejo, Senior Vice President Sales Excellence, Mastercard International, USA: "It has always been a pleasure for the professionalism and the experience demonstrated in all the actions that we have faced, as well as in his approach to the proposals and follow-up of the topics."

  • Gabriela Caamaño, Marketing/Communication Manager at Binser SA, Arg. (Former Marketing Manager ABN AMRO Argentina): "I have done business with Ignacio, coordinating events for our clients during my years at ABN AMRO. I  was always surprised by his excellent predisposition and  ability  to  solve  problems.  He  is  a  great facilitator and never stops analyzing alternatives to exploit commercial proposals to the maximum. I have really had the pleasure of knowing an excellent professional."



  • Pedro Dhers, NGO´s Director for Entrepreneurship  and  Education  (Former  Director  at ECOCAV): "Ignacio has fulfilled our expectations as CEO. He has managed the company during a very critical period, international crisis included. He communicated with partners in the right way, extracting from them their best ideas and helping them to have a unified vision. He has been excellent in commercial aspects."



  • Philip Wolf, Engineer, Director at Wolftrack: "Mr. Alperin is an excellent marketing developer, very  efficient,  skilled  and  shrewd,  dealing  with sportsmen, managers and sponsors."



  • Eduardo Pereyra, President, Airsealand SA: "I have known Ignacio for many years. Whenever I have had some commercial dealings with him, he has been responsible and consistent with his commitment. He has great creativity, which has allowed him to venture into diverse areas."


  • Martin Gallone, Regional Mobile Commercial Director at Millicom, USA: "Ignacio is a well-rounded professional with impeccable ethics and leadership abilities. Ignacio is also a professional with a lot of energy and focused on innovation. He’s well respected and I recommend him for any venture he could begin."



  • Dr. Martín Zapiola Guerrico, Partner, Zapiola Guerrico & Associates, Argentina: "I worked with Ignacio while he was Executive Director of the Colegio de Abogados. At that time I was a member of the Board of Directors. He was really proactive and had a very good view of the mission of the Colegio. I believe he was very good at handling human resources too."



  • David Lederman esq., Senior In-House Counsel and VP at Mana Miami Management, USA: "Ignacio is a top professional in his field. While working with Ignacio at Ferrell Schultz, Ignacio was able to introduce many significant potential and actual clients to the prestigious law firm. Ignacio is a leader that was carefully chosen as a top attorney and significant asset to doing high-end business in Argentina."



  • Jason Pennell, Attorney, Senior Member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: "Ignacio has  always had great energy and enthusiasm  for  anything  he  undertakes.  As  a  student  at Monash University Ignacio was a contentious student who involved himself in all aspects of student life on campus. While at Monash Ignacio was involved in the administration of the Modern Pentathlon World Championships in Melbourne and was a regular  sports  contributor  to  SBS  television  news."



  • Dr. Horacio M. Lynch, Lynch and Associates, founder and former President at FORES (Foro de Estudios sobre la Administración de la Justicia), former Board Member at the Association of the Bar of the City of Buenos Aires (CACBA): "I have known Ignacio since 1996, when he was selected as Executive Director of the Association of the Bar of the City of Buenos Aires, while I was on the Board of Directors of the institution. Upon joining, he not only carried out his specific role with responsibility, but also collaborated with imagination in the  redesign  of  the strategic plan by which he had been incorporated.  In  his  performance  he demonstrated  professionalism, imagination, adaptation to teamwork and, specially,  putting common interests above his own. Both during his time in CACBA and in subsequent professional and business  responsibilities,  I  verified  his  high  standards of  honesty and moral values, as well as his concern for political and social problems."


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